Raising the Veil

Blessings Bestowed Upon Them
Tivra Bestows Blessings

Tivra Mitra, the Sar Ambhanu located in Vitna, Bakári was placed upon a dais in the small Temple of the Keepers of the Veil cult to bestow blessings onto select devotees in the weeks prior to the Feast of the Seas.

During that time, six janah were allowed to approach Sar’Ambhánu to request a blessing.

The first, a Sunborn Bison, sought a blessing that his wedding would go well on the following day. Tivra granted this Sunborn his blessing and he left grateful and full of joy.

The second, an old cobra Sarpah woman who was missing one of her fangs, asked for a blessing in killing an enemy who was plaguing her. Tivra withheld her blessing and told the old Sarpah to find another way to deal with her enemy. Understandably, the woman left dejected.

The third, a low caste hare woman who seemed reluctant to approach, claimed to have accidentally drowned her only child while bathing him in a nearby river. Her husband had apparently sent her to seek a blessing for having another baby strong enough to survive its mother’s mishandling. Tivra seemed reluctant to give a blessing but did so in the end stating that she hoped the babe would be stronger than either parent can handle. The hare vajrah left with joyful tears to join her grinning hyena husband in the temple’s crowd.

The fourth janah to approach was a hawk warrior seeking a special blessing on some new armor he was to have made before being sent off to war. Tivra granted her blessing and the hawk was joined by several of his fellow soldiers as he left the temple.

The fifth janah to approach was a young female cougar named Nanrat Satru who is an apprentice at the temple and a much disliked social rival to Tivra Mitra. She sought a blessing to complete her apprenticeship and become a full fledged priest of the temple. Tivra appeared to give her blessing to the gathered crowd, but through gritted teeth and in a whisper only Nanrat could hear, she added the words, “…right after I die!” Angered, Nanrat fled the temple in a foul mood that made all those she passed shiver.

Finally, a mouse man wearing fine clothes with no caste braid approached Sar’Ambhánu and told her that he did not seek a blessing but instead to show her something that she should know. He then reached out and grabbed hold of her ankle as the temple guards attempted to stop him.

Tivra immediately felt herself enter the dreaming and could see herself as if outside of her body walking along a forest trail with unknown companions. One of those companions was speaking and said something along the lines of, “We need to find this other Sar’Ambhánu and prove that you are the real one. A quest!” Suddenly Tivra was back in the temple. The mouse was being seized by guards while the others were ushered out and Tivra was escorted by Razul Hathnadir toward her private chambers.

Tivra insisted on seeing the mouse to get answers. Despite Razul’s protests, Tivra spoke to the mouse and learned that he was a dream walking Sir’hibas who claimed that he came only to show her a vision of what he himself had seen in the dreaming.

Tivra immediately wanted to set off in search for answers, with the poor mouse in tow. Both the mouse and Razul protested wildly before Razul finally had enough of Tivra’s temper and had the guards escort the mouse out of the temple while she hauled the Sar’Ambhánu back to her bed chamber telling her that she had much more important things to do in preparation for the trip to Nesued and the Feast of the Seas.

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