In Dream Commands

Common Commands:

.COMMANDS – lists other silent prefix commands for the dream
.OOC – quick teleport to the OOC room
.IC – quick teleport to the IC freeform city
.FOREST – quick teleport to the IC freeform forest
.RULES – emits the dream rules
.CREDITS – emits a list of game, dream, and patch credits
.WHY – explains why the dream uses text capture DS

Staff Commands: (Staff Only)

.SCOMMANDS – lists other staff commands
.FLAG <furrename> <reason> – flags a furre for Targath’s review
.BAN <furrename> <reason> – temporarily bans a furre from the dream
.CLEAR GMS – clears Rufus’s GM list
.CLEAR PLAYERS – clears Rufus’s Player list

Owner Only

.CONTACTS makes Rufus read a list of those interested in tabletop OBSOLETE
.RESET resets Rufus’s list of contacts OBSOLETE
.OWNER – claims dream ownership on an owner alt for receiving dream emits

Cuddle Buddies (Shared Only)

.BUNNEH – cuddle bunneh
.BIRDLING – cuddle birdling
.LIZARD – cuddle lizard
.CRY – make em weep
.SING – make em sing
.LOVE – make em love ya
.SPECIAL – make em do what they do best

In Dream Commands

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