Our Dream Rules


This dream is T+ standard, so keep it clean. Does this mean that no RP will ever venture into the M+ standard? No. Shard is a game and some parts of it can be more mature than others. However, we ask that players respect others and keep their posts at T+ as much as possible, especially around strangers or those you know to be young or sensitive to M+ matters.

Please stay In Character & In Continuity unless in the OOC room. (An avatar change may be necessary in IC areas.) This does not preclude GMs or players using OOC commands, comments, or questions while in the tabletop campaign rooms. We simply want players to be IC while out and about in the IC freeform areas. Avatars not allowed in the freeform areas include bugges, all ferians, seasonal, wings, and mythicals except bat wings on the rodent or mustie (Portraying Klin,) the Gryffe, and Phoenix (both of which may be used in place of the avian locals.)

Roleplay throughout most of the dream is currently Freeform RP in the Shard / Dardunah setting. (Furres, Bugges, Ferians, Mythicals, Humans, & Ferals do not exist.) Rule of consent applies! Any tabletop game may have its own unique rules at the discretion of that game’s GM.

Tabletop campaign rooms are currently available on a first-come first-served basis. That may change in the future as regular RP sessions form. If a game is in session when you enter one of the rooms, whisper the current Game Master prior to joining, lurking, or speaking. If you are rejected, please leave respectfully and let the players continue their game unmolested.

Targath, DJ 9-Volt, and Tajar are the only Furres (OOC) that may ask a player to leave the dream, eject another player, or ban a player from entering the Shard Roleplay dream. GMs of any tabletop session may ask players to leave the tabletop room or refuse them from joining their tabletop game. The dream staff will not interfere with a GM’s decision and will take action against players who harass them for it or try to circumvent it.

Our Dream Rules

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