Sar Ambhanu

The girl, called Sar’Ambhánu, must meet specific requirements and is chosen by the priests of the sect from amongst a very select pool of Holy Caste candidates.

First, the girl must be of a young age at the time of her selection. Most Sar’Ambhánu are selected before they are five years old and may only serve as Sar’Ambhánu until they reach the age of puberty.

Second, the girl must successfully accompany two priests through the Veils of the Dream and correctly identify a series of pre-selected token items from her predecessor. The two priests serve only to aid the girl into the Dream and as witness to correctly identifying the items.

Thirdly, the girl cannot be Sarpah or Klin, though any other Vajrah or Paksin jenu may be chosen. Special consideration is given to girls with white or pale skin, fur, or feathers, though this is not a specific requirement.

Life as a Sar’Ambhánu can be both lonely and demanding. The girl is required to keep her face covered in an aqua colored veil at all times while awake. She is also locked away in the cult’s temple most of the time where she is schooled in the magical arts and religious ceremonies of her sect.

On special occasions and for holy festivals Sar’Ambhánu is permitted out of the temple to be approached by the people. They are allowed to petition the girl for special prayers or favors as well as offer her gifts. It is completely up to Sar’Ambhánu whether she honors anyone’s request or accepts their gifts. This is seen as a blessing or omen of bad luck depending on the outcome.

Only a small number of approved children from amongst the Holy Caste may socialize or play with Sar’Ambhánu under the ever watchful eyes of the sect priests. Likewise, a very limited number of adults are ever permitted to be in direct contact with Sar’Ambhánu, though they may be from every Caste except the Outcaste. (Even Sar’Ambhánu need servants!)

When a girl reaches puberty and is no longer serving as Sar’Ambhánu, she regains her former name and is free to live how she chooses, within the constraints of her caste and society. Many are asked to serve in noble houses or temples as Sadhu.

Sar Ambhanu

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