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Dream Location, Staff, and Rules

The Shard Roleplay Dream may be found uploaded on the corner of the road outside of Heart Hall in Imaginarium. We have a dream package on the dream, so it has a nice shiny red portal. You may also use the Furcadia dream link to teleport to our dream. It is furc://shardroleplay::

Our dream’s staff currently consists of:

  • Rah, DreamWeaver, & Head GM – Targath
  • Taneest & Tech Guru – DJ 9-Volt
  • Taneesta & Tiger Babysitter – Tajar

Our Dream Rules

In Dream Commands

Current Player Characters

Anicchuka Talvara

Tez Bahari

Tivra Mitra

Current Non-Player Characters

Nanrat Satru

Razul Hathnadir



Main Page

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